#63 Experiencing Hurricane Maria and the Aftermath - Aliceber Rivera

Episode Breakdown:

  • The power grid in Puerto Rico
  • Hurricane Irma
  • The chaos in preparing for Hurricane Maria
  • Making emergency plans in case of loss of communication
  • The first 36-48 hours of Maria
  • Deaths and at hospitals due to lack of diesel
  • How Hurricane Maria affected different parts of Puerto Rico
  • Lack of infrastructure and preparation
  • $40 for water
  • Corruption
  • "Puerto Ricans helping Puerto Ricans."
  • Plans of distribution of food and supplies
  • News reporters only coming to report news and take pictures
  • Feelings of leaving Puerto Rico and coming to Chicago
  • How we can help the people on the Island now

Hosted by Christian & Vfig
Twitter/IG/FB: @LaVerdadLtd

Music Credit: Elias O. Sepulveda (Programming, Percussion, Piano, Bass) & Gilbert Arzuaga (Saxophones)