#54 Gentrify This! - Hilario Dominguez

Gentrification has been a major topic the past few years. Today's guest - Hilario Dominguez - is actively involved in the battle against this phenomenon in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. Our topics of discussion vary, but include:

  • Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood: origins & history of Latinos in the area
  • Breaking down gentrification and the way it is happening in Chicago
  • How politics has played a role in Pilsen's gentrification agenda
  • Cook County tax assessor reporting wrong assessments in the area
  • Casa Aztlan: How it was a part of the community and what happened
  • New developments and combating the 21% affordable housing mandate

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Hosted by Christian, Vfig, & Nati
Twitter/IG/FB: @LaVerdadLtd

Music Credit: Elias O. Sepulveda (Programming, Percussion, Piano, Bass) & Gilbert Arzuaga (Saxophones)