#34 Immigration 101: Know Your Rights - Rigo Fernandez

Our 34th episode is an important one considering all the immigration news in the media today. We are joined by Rigo Fernandez, who is a Board Member for Chicago's 49th Ward Democratic Party. He talks about the importance of understanding the rights immigrants have. Other topics include Chicago as a Sanctuary City and what to do if stopped by the police.

This information is very important so be sure to take notes or share with a friend who finds this useful.

Note: Immigration advice given in the episode is largely based on personal experiences and limited knowledge. We strongly urge you to contact an immigration lawyer for more concrete answers.

Resources Discussed:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TYiMwEytEMnuNOQ2wQztV8GyO7DwvMrWey_5lUc_jiU/edit?usp=sharing 

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