#51 Ray "White Rhino" Salazar

Education is a major topic on our show and our guest today has a lot to add on the subject. Ray "White Rhino" Salazar is a Chicago based educator and writer who joins the team to talk about things like:

  • His experiences as a teacher in inner city Chicago
  • Ray's roots working in Alternative High Schools
  • Strategies and techniques to keep students engaged in school
  • Privileged students who get everything at home and suffer in the classroom
  • Ray's Father's Day blog post discussing the lack of communication between many people and their dads
  • Ray's upcoming book "The Hot Mix"

Support White Rhino at the following links:
http://www.chicagonow.com/white-rhino/https://www.instagram.com/whiterhinoray/ - https://twitter.com/whiterhinoray

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