#60 Yo Soy Ella Inc. - Sarah Taylor

What is Yo Soy Ella?

-Undocumented women
-Stands out from other organizations by using empowerment and spirituality.
- The term "Yo Soy Ella"
-The importance of spirituality in the Latino community

Trauma from Trump administration

-"I think" (awareness of what is going on at home.)
-Knowing the difference between abuse and cultural norms.
-Machista culture
-Workshops to show self love

Sarah's background and how she started Yo Soy Ella
-Healing for personal experiences (self identity, etc)

The Importance of Mentorship
-"Creating leaders"


Creating boundaries with clients

Support Yo Soy Ella at the following links:
http://www.yosoyella.org/ & https://www.facebook.com/YoSoyEllaInc/ & IG: @yosoyellainc

Hosted by Christian & Vfig
Twitter/IG/FB: @LaVerdadLtd

Music Credit: Elias O. Sepulveda (Programming, Percussion, Piano, Bass) & Gilbert Arzuaga (Saxophones)