La Verdad Podcast Turns 1!!

Familia, the past year has been full of ups and downs. We initially started La Verdad Podcast as a way to share interesting stories and better connect with our audience. The result after one year has been much more than what we could have imagined. Episodes were released with our friends as the only audience and then a lot of you started finding us on your own. Some through word of mouth. Others through recommendations from listeners. The main point is that our community started growing.

Over time, we also added new hosts (Nati & VFig), while others(Carlos) have not been able to record as much. The main goal now is to keep things going. Life gets busy and we don't always get to you on time(sorry for the current two week break), but we want everyone to know that you are still getting our best effort. The crew will keep recording shows we hope you enjoy and can learn or have fun while listening. 

Haven't been with us since the beginning? No problem. Here is a list of our top five episodes based on viewer listens: